Spring Reminders

A brief article on spring orchid culture.

This is the most important time in the orchid growth period.
September and October are the months when I repot most of my orchids.

I also sprinkle dolomite on the top of my orchid pots.










Observe your root growth, when the tips are green,
water and fertilise.

Paphiopedilums and Phalaenpsis

These Orchids do not have any storage in
pseudobulbs like Catts.
and Dens. so must be watered regularly.

                                                Good Growing!     

John Green

I do not start repotting at one end and keep going, I select plants which have new growths and new roots at the base of the new growths. This is the ideal time to repot. I have found yellow cattleyas can die if not divided at  the right time.
Cluster catts. such as Lc. Little Susie are better left to  around Xmas time.

                                                                            Repotting is best when new growth and new roots are appearing. I increase watering and fertilising as the  weather warms.

                                      Spatulata and Intermediate

I water once a week and fertilise at the same time during September and increase to every second day during October.

Phalanthe Type

It depends on growth so observe your plants.                                                                             Gympie is colder so we are slower to respond.