In Memory -Reg Dyson

In the early 1960's my mother-in-law won a Cymbidium Orchid
as a prize in a bowls competition. This Cymbidium never flowered
and was just a mass of roots no dirt. A few years later it fell over
and out of the plastic pot it was in, I mentioned it to a next door
neighbour. She said bring it over and we'll see if we can re-pot it.

                                                                       Those days I knew nothing about Orchids.
                                                                       I helped her to divide the Cymbidium into three
                                                                       plants.  Then all three plants flowered,
                                                                       one had two spikes.

                                                                       That same year my in-laws came down to 
                                                                       Melbourne to stay for a couple of weeks.
                                                                       Advertised in the local paper was an orchid
                                                                       show at a neighbouring suburb.

We all visited and father-in-law bought and presented my wife
and I with a Cymbidium Orchid.  "Borough Green Opal "
a beautiful green flower.
Included was a little booklet "How to grow Cymbidiums" . 
This was the start of my Orchid Career

I quickly joined the Melbourne Eastern Orchid club and also was a member of the
Victorian Orchid Society. After studying for a few years I was appointed as a judge
on the Victorian Orchid club's Judging panel for 1984. 

I retired as an Engineer with the Melbourne and Metropoliton Board of Works in 1982.
I  bought a block on Noosa Sound and built a  house in 1981. We use to spent our
holidays in Noosa and caravaned up to Cairns where I took the opportunity of
adding to my orchid collection.

I acquired quite a lot of knowledge on tropical orchids and was partially successful in growing them
in heated glass house conditions in Melbourne.

Because of health we decided to sell up and move to Noosa in 1985 and had my judging transferred
to Queensland.
I joined the N.D.O.F.S. Club, where I attended monthly meetings at St Johns hall Cooroy.  At that time
the club was less than a year old. I was given my show number 15 and entered in shows and meetings,
until  my health deteriorated due to an old war injury which caused the intermittent loss of my legs.

I continued for a number of years and contributed,
entries to the shows. Because of my health I was
unable to drive and was informed that I would
probably be in a wheel chair within 6 months.

For this reason I was unable to carry out judging
and although for a while contributed and entered
orchids in various shows, I was finally granted leave
from the club and did not return until my health permitted.

On my return, meetings were held at the Presbyterian Hall, 

Over the years, I have given numerous talks
on various orchid genera both cold and warm
growing varieties.


My preference in orchids    - 

                           All orchids  are beautiful being such a huge family. In fact I believe except for the 
                           grass family, Orchids are the next biggest family.  They grow from the snow line to
                           tropics in all elevations.   From sea level to the snow line on the highest mountains.
                           With a huge diversity of shapes and size and incredible
                           colours, so they are all my favourites.

I am leaning towards Phaleanopsis [the moth orchid]. As given the right conditions they are easy to grow, are stately and beautiful and are being hybridized now to flower in a wide range of colours with flowers lasting up to three months.



I hold numerous trophies and ribbons. The one I am most proud of is
                             a gold award from the Australian Orchid Council for an exhibit of 
                             "Dendrobium Pierardii" at the World of Orchids in 1977.

                             My greatest pleasure is to be able
                             to let people see and enjoy the beauty
                                        of any orchids!
                                                                         Reg Dyson
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Reg with his Dendrobium Teretifolium Var Fairfaxii