Neil & Ella  Walker

                   Phaius Tankervillea `Marolyn`

                   Grown by Neil-Ella Walker
                   of Tewantin.

                       Awarded an AM
                       Won:    1st in Class 41
                       Won:    Best Australian Native
                       Won:    Champion Species Species
                       And Reserve Champion of Show

This orchid was judged for this award by the panel of STOCQ Judges, who judged the Show.
The Phaius Tankervillea orchid is the emblem of the Noosa Orchid and Foliage Society. 

It grows in swampy ground semi shaded ground.
It used to be prevalent in coastal areas around Noosa and off shore islands, and down into Northern NSW,  however collectors and vandals and Developers,  have virtually decimated these beautiful native plant populations.

This plant is grown in Cymbidium mix and is permanently standing in water, they are gross feeders and love cow manure and or Dynamic Lifter, it is amazing how much water they consume.

I know in nature they would grow out in full sun to semi shade etc, but ours grows behind 50% shade cloth but virtually up against it,  this plant is five years old and was purchased from John-Kaye Green of Gympie as a seedling.