Clyde & Joyce Cunningham

Clyde and Joyce have been founding members of the N.D.O.F.S.

Joyce remembers that the founding members did a lot of work to
get the society off  the ground. Starting off, there was little money
for example for props for the displays at shows. So on a regular
basis members would take turns to go to the Eumundi Markets
on a Saturday to sell raffle tickets or have Orchid
Displays in the School of Arts hall, to raise money.

We supported all of the societies when they had their Orchid shows, because of a lack of money, we use  to empty the orchids and other plants out of our foam boxes so we could use them for props.Our hearts use to be in our mouths when one member brought in big pots of Cymbidium Orchids to the show. They then balance  them up on these boxes at quite a height.

These were times when some societies had a theme for their show and you had to incorporate this theme into your display.  We had all Displays and no benching in those days.


As our Society prospered we got some money and a couple
of members who did welding, made some props for the Society,
which was much appreciated.

In the year 1988 an Orchid Expo was held at Caloundra.
This was a very big affair that went or a week.
Cut flowers were entered from other countries.
A wonderful experience. Noosa Orchid Society
have held a show every year since it's founding.

In the early years my husband and I use to enter
into most of the Orchid shows and help with the
setup of the displays. Noosa Orchid Society did
very well in these Displays and nearly always use
to win a placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

At one Caloundra show my husband and I took a Mini Cat., "L.C Mini Purple ' Tamasmi'" to the show. I had this orchid carefully packed in a small box looking after it as well as possible, when a lady said to me: " Is that for a raffle prize?" , and I said : "no, it is to put in the display".
This little Orchid won the Champion of the Show that year  and we were thrilled!

Clyde and I were the first Life Members and still enjoy
being  members of the Noosa District Orchid and
Foliage Society today.

I do love all Orchid Flowers and it is wonderful to see
the beautiful colours and shapes that nature provides. 
My favourite Orchids are the Catttleya's.

Joyce Cunningham
Carramar - 1995
Dolls for the May pole - Cooroy Sept 1991
Merry go round - Nambour Sept 1991
Clyde & Joyce
Champion of the show - Caloundra 1990
First Champion fern - Cooroy 2001
Electric Fern - Grand Champion Foliage  - CWA Hall Cooroy 2008
Noosa Orchid Society had their first bench show at Carramar Aged  Persons Home at Tewantin.

In times gone by we had a show committee and at                                                                                   these meetings it was decided who would cook what etc.  We use to cook chicken casseroles, meat stews, shepherds pie and rissoles served with rice, and for dessert apple crumble and custard. These meals served up to eighty people at times.