In most parts of Queensland Cattleyas, Dendrobiums,
Vendas, Paphiopediliums and Australian Natives would
be considered among the most suitable genera.

Cymbidiums are well suited to  those areas  which experience cooler nights in Spring and Summer, while Phalaenopsis probably makes the best house plant.

A good understanding of the growing needs of an orchid species can be acquired by finding information about the habitats in which they grow. For example, Epiphytic species from highland tropical regions, where it can be very cold at times, have different needs to those from the tropical lowlands where a temperature of 20 deg. C is considered cool.

Selecting a position for each plant which corresponds most closely to its natural environment, can be the key to healthy Orchids.

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Growing Orchids

Winter Reminders

A brief article on Spring orchid culture.

This is the most important time in the orchid growth period.
September and October are the months when I repot most of my orchids.  Read more

Growing Phragmipedia

This is how I grow them others may differ in their culture.  They are generally easy to grow as they come from the same general area as Cattleya.  Read the article

Oncidium Care

Noosa Orchid Society, has one of the best Miltoniopsis growers' Sam Cowie  from Leaf & Limb and here is some helpful information on how to care for your Oncidium orchids.

Guide to Chemicals used with Orchids